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Home Maps Timeseries I/O CAM-chem Wiki Some potentially helpful learning resources. NCAR Imperative 3: Develop, deliver and support a suite of advanced community models. CAM inflation values for U Wind . after 1 month of adaptive inflation. Its most current version is 3.1, while 3.0 was the fifth generation. Probabilistic nowcasting with a single column model. "CAM" refers to a family of related atmospheric components, which can be built with 2 independent main characteristics. Research. (CESM1.2 CAM-chem; Lamarque et al., 2012) framework: the Model for Ozone and Related Chemical Tracers, ver-sion 4 (MOZART-4) mechanism, the Reduced Hydrocar-bon mechanism, and the Super-Fast chemical mechanism (described in Sect. Her particular interest is in improving the representation of volatile organic carbon oxidation. The land use datasets are prescribed as their mean climate values (Hurtt et al., 2011). DART research is broadly categorized along three avenues: one is the research toward data assimilation algorithmic and computational efficiency, another is toward implementing and exploiting the information in observations with one model or another, and another is to learn more about the behavior of an individual model - perhaps by looking at systematic features of the increments. CAM … CAM-Chem . CAM inflation values for U Wind. Steve Arnold – U. Leeds . NCAR . Others are using the products of data assimilation (analyses), which were produced here at NCAR using CESM+DART, to conduct related research. More about us after 1 month of DAMPED adaptive inflation. NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system. Title . NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community. Status of CAM-chem Chemistry-Climate Working Group 18 June 2019 Louisa Emmons ACOM, NCAR Co-chairs: Louisa Emmons (NCAR) Xiaohong Liu (U. Wyoming) Liaison: Simone Tilmes (NCAR) Software Engineer: Francis Vitt (NCAR) Chemistry-Climate Working Group Status CESM2 (CESM2.1.0 released) •CAM6 with MAM4 aerosols, CLM5 •MOZART-T1 tropospheric chemistry in TS1 (CAM-chem… Eric C. Apel-NCAR/UCAR Alan J. Hills-NCAR/UCAR Simone Tilmes-NCAR/UCAR Jean-Francois Lamarque-NCAR/UCAR Sue Schauffler-NCAR/UCAR Dan Riemer Elliot Atlas Valerie Donets Alfonso Saiz-Lopez. MET fields updated from GFS. DART, WRF, and MARS . Tim Butler – IASS-Potsdam . CAM-chem simulation outputs are to be used as boundary conditions for regional modeling. WRF-Chem Biogenic Emissions • Option 4 (bio_emiss_opt = 3): MEGAN (best choice?!) It is possible to compile and run CAM on your own Linux PC. Evaluation of CAM-Chem with MEGAN with SEAC4RS observations Louisa Emmons, NCAR/ACD The Model of Emissions of Gases and Aerosols from Nature (MEGAN), version 2.1 [Guenther et al., GMD, 2012], has been incorporated in the NCAR Community Land Model (CLM). NCAR Imperative 1: Conduct innovative fundamental research to advance the atmospheric and related sciences. These flight tracks will also be useful to encourage future comparisons of CAM-chem results with other models. Additionally the CESM/CAM-chem SEAC4RS (Studies of Emissions Atmospheric Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling by Regional Surveys) flight tracks for TS1, HL, ISOP, and TS2 and the nudging tests presented in the supplement are also included. This course consists of 12 lectures and 4 practical sessions on simulating the climate system and practical sessions on running Community Earth System Model (CESM), modifying components, and analyzing data. On May 17, 2002, its name was changed from the NCAR Community Climate Model to reflect its role in the new system. L2 MODIS AOD@0.55μm coverage. Download MEGAN code from NCAR/ACD – megan_bio_emiss.tar – NCAR – base and … Simulations will be run by . The current profiles_aircraft_noaa.ncl references variables in obs data files that don't exist. Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them. MUSICA Version 0 Based on CAM-Chem This is related to the project by Dr. David Edwards of NCAR Atmospheric Composition REmote Sensing and Prediction (ACRESP). CESM2 (CAM-chem) ØATM_GRID: ne30np4 Øcam6 physics ØMOZART TS1 w/ simple VBS SOA & MAM4 aerosols ØLND_GRID: ne30np4 Øclm5.0:BGC w/ prognostic crops ØICE_GRID: ne30np4 ØOCN_GRID: ne30np4 ØROF_GRID: r05 GEOS-Chem Global Ø4 x 5 Ø2 x 2.5 Nested-Grid ØNorth America: 0.5 x 0.625 ØNorth America: 0.25 x 0.3125 WRF/Chem GOCART Background Data • Includes DMS as well as GOCART – From running prep_chem_sources with GOCART included – Planned to be moved to WPS • Run prep_chem_sources program to produce external binary data files • Convert binary data files to WRF input files – chem_opt = 300 or 301 and/or dmsemis_opt=1 Home Maps Timeseries I/O CAM-chem Wiki Create a widget for a quicklook at model output. This makes it easier to debug simple tests using programs like ddd or gdb. Output will be provided for regional model boundary conditions . Anthropogenic Emissions •NCAR will work with Pinder et al.

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